Visited Locations

Here are a few of the sites, buildings, and historical markers you will see during Fort Worth Tours “best gall-darn tour in Texas.”

1) Bluff near original Fort Worth
2) Historical marker of Fort Worth’s first school
3) Tarrant County Courthouse
4) Original site of city marshal, Long-haired Jim Courtright’s City Jail
5) Hell’s Half-Acre
6) John Swartz photography studio location
7) Site of old Westbrook Hotel
8) Daggett’s Crossing
9) Pioneer Rest Cemetery
10) Billy Bob’s Texas honky-tonk
11) Historic Stockyards District (all buildings, markers, and stories)
12) North Fort Worth Historical Society Museum
13) Joe T. Garcia’s restaurant
14) Northside High School
15) LaGrave Field
16) Paddock Viaduct
17) Fort Worth Power & Light Company Plant
18) Burk Burnet Building
19) Blackstone Hotel
20) W T. Waggoner Building
21) Fort Worth Star Telegram
22) Flat Iron Building
23) Ball-Eddleman-McFarland House
24) Thistle Hill
25) F. G. Oxsheer Mansion
26) Texas Hotel (Hilton)
27) Panther Park