About Us

Welcome to Fort Worth…Where the West Begins!

Fort Worth Tours historian, Dawson Granade, is a 70-year-old native of Fort Worth. He obtained an Associate’s Degree from Tarrant County Jr. College in Fort Worth and then received an academic scholarship to TCU, where he majored in history.

My dad’s family moved to Fort Worth in 1923 at the urging of my grandmother’s brother, who was the company physician for Armour & Company. In addition to my uncle being Armour’s physician, all three of my dad’s brothers worked for either Swift or Armour at some time in their life. My dad was 13 when he moved here with my grandmother and grandfather in 1923. I’ve never met anyone who loved Fort Worth more than my dad. I guess he passed that love along to me. Nowadays, I spend my time showing people from all across the country the colorful history of the town I love. I call the tour a virtual tour because I like to virtually bring the Old West back to life for all my tour guests. During the tour, we are able to follow the footsteps of some of the many great people who put their stamp on this place called “Cowtown”. I also examine the long-running “friendly feud” between Fort Worth and Dallas. This feud was best described by former Fort Worth Star Telegram publisher, Amon G. Carter, when he said, “Fort Worth is where the west begins and Dallas is where the east peters out.” This Fort Worth / Dallas feud is an amusing thread that runs throughout the entire tour.

I have a tour that is unlike any of the other tours being given in Fort Worth today. I tell stories of people and places and provide historic photos so that my guests can get a better feel for what Fort Worth must have looked like, sounded like, and smelled like as far back as 1849. I have also been known to tell a joke or two and even sing a song if I feel just right. So I urge any of you wanting to know what the “Old West” was really like to give us a call and schedule a time. I promise you it will be “the best gall-darn tour in Texas”.

Dawson Granade
Fort Worth Historian