Here are some comments from a few of our satisfied customers who have been on “the best gall-darn tour in Texas!” For more testimonials, go to tripadvisor.

Dawson: I just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed our day with you on Thursday, Mar 13. Every once in a while we all come across someone who dramatically changes the way we see and appreciate things. For us, the place was Ft. Worth and that person was you in telling us the stories and the history of Ft. Worth. Very seldom do we meet people with the enthusiasm, knowledge, and excitement that you exuded in showing off your city to us. From people like you is how the next generations will learn about and come to respect their history and heritage. Online universities in the near future will be looking for people like you who can excite their listeners with the real-life stories of the people who lived, worked, and built their country and cities. My wife and I were most fortunate to be the entire private audience listening to a passionate history professor who loved and lived his proudest subject, the City of Ft. Worth. A hundred people in an auditorium or a hundred thousand online participants would have loved to hear what we experienced. Thank you so very much for the time you spent with us. We’ve been on many city tours before, which are often soon forgotten. It’s amazing how often this time during the days that followed did I replay your descriptions in my mind as we traveled about the city. The pictures you painted for us were very much alive and memorable. It’s been almost two weeks since we visited Ft. Worth and I’m still marveling at the sights and descriptions you provided. The stories and descriptions you described should be recorded so others can enjoy what we learned of Ft. Worth. You’re every bit as much of your city’s great pioneers as the people you were describing to us. You brought Ft. Worth’s history alive for us. I surely hope the citizens of your town appreciate what you have to offer Ft. Worth, and will provide a forum to let the next generations hear it from you directly like we did. It was a sincere pleasure meeting you.

Many thanks again, Dale & Deanna March

A trip is always more fun if you know someone or have a relative in the place you are visiting. Dawson Granade’s Fort Worth Tour will make you feel right at home. Dawson has never met a stranger and in a couple of minutes you will feel like you have known him all your life. The Fort Worth Tour is a lucid and lively combination of stories, photographs, songs, and strategic locations that make Fort Worth history come to life. I am a long time Fort Worth resident and Dawson showed me numerous things I had never seen. Dawson is a man of great enthusiasm, energy, and curiosity. Dollar-for-dollar the Fort Worth Tour is the best gall-darn value in Fort Worth. Thanks Dawson and keep up the good work.

Warmest regards,
Billy W. Oxsheer (Great Grandson of F.G. Oxsheer cattle baron)

While I was in town on business, a supplier of mine recommended your tour of Fort Worth. I found the tour to be one of the most interesting and informative afternoons I’ve spent in quite some time. The history of your city mixed with your “good ol” Texas charm made me sorry the tour had to end. I look forward to seeing you again in the fall of 2007. This time I’ll have my family with me. Thanks again for such a delightful day.

Bob Charlet
Redondo Beach, CA

Dear Dawson,
Nan, Pauline, and I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable tour of Cowtown. Your Fort Worth vs. Dallas barbs were especially enjoyable to us because of the 8 years we spent living in Dallas. Our daughter, Pauline, is still talking about your Etta Place part of the tour and wanted to know my opinion on your quiz. Most of all, thanks for brightening our day with your Fort Worth style of humor.

Best regards,
San Antonio, TX

On a recent trip to Fort Worth to visit our daughter and son-in-law, we all decided to go on a tour of the city. Our home, Chicago, has quite a stockyards history of its own, so we were anxious to see the portion of your tour that dealt with the stockyards. In a word, I would say, “Wow!” Your tour of the barns, buildings, and pens was so real, I could close my eyes and remember what our Chicago stockyards used to smell like when we drove by. I only wish Chicago would have saved and restored some of its stockyard area like you have here in Fort Worth.

Thanks again.
Gloria MacArthur
Chicago, IL

If the goal of your tour was to make the “Old West” come alive, it worked! We are sending all our Air Force friends to see you. Thanks again.

D.L. and Cathie Stevens
Wilmington, NC

Being a 53-year native of Fort Worth, I found myself wanting to know more about my home town. I couldn’t be more pleased with the tour you took me on. I’ve already recommended your tour to my whole Sunday School class. The only question I have is, “Why hasn’t some movie studio made a movie about Samuel Burk Burnett’s life?”
Your portrayal of him, his family, and his famous ranch was fascinating. His 4 Sixes Ranch, friendship with Indian chiefs, and being with the president of the US on a wolf hunt is something I would go see at the movies!! If they do decide to film his life, I’ll nominate your to produce the film. Your whole tour about Fort Worth was great! I hope to see you again soon.

Grace Jones
Fort Worth, TX

Both my husband and I were raised and went to school in southern Illinois. After taking the tour given by Fort Worth Tours’ Dawson Granade, we feel like we know everything there is to know about Fort Worth. He made our trip to Old Fort Worth a memorable experience. His knowledge of the history and method of presentation was both informative and very entertaining. We spent the day reliving the cattle drives, auctions, and overall ambiance of the era. For anyone who loves history, cowboys, Texas, and especially Fort Worth, this tour is definitely for you.

Sally and Malcolm Kight


Thank you for the wonderful tour of the city of Fort Worth that my wife, Dian, and I enjoyed recently.  Being my first visit to the city that was named for my great, great grandfather, General William Jenkins Worth, it was a very special experience to be able to stand on the bluff overlooking the Trinity River and try to imagine what the area must have been like in those early days when the area was first being settled.  Your tour gave us a great feeling for the city that will always be a significant part of my family heritage.  We look forward to returning to Cowtown soon.  Thanks again.

Bunk & Dian Robinson
Descendent of Gen. Worth
St. George, Utah